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FEAST: 2020


Hosts: Alex Randrup and Conrad Kluck
Technical Supervisor: Eli Reid
Artist collage H.jpg

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Max and Nicky
(neo-vaudville act)
IG: @maxandnicky
twitter: @MaxandNicholas
Oh, Madeline
IG: @ohhhmadeline Bandcamp: ohmadelinemusic
Bonita Jackson
(actor and writer)
IG: @mrsbonitajacksonturner
Gavin Myers
(dancer and choreographer)
IG: @gavin_myers
Blake McAlister
(performance artist)
IG: @andthenblake
Sam Morrison
IG: @samuelhmorrison
Leonie Bell
IG: @leonbellstein
Meaghan Adawe McLeod
(theatre artist)
IG: @itlookscloudy
Katelynn Kenney
(writer, director, actor)
IG: @mananaistoday
Nandi Kayyy
IG: @nandikayyy
Black Revolutionary
Theatre Workshop
(theatre collective)
IG: @thebrtw
Alex Parrish
(composer, theatre artist)
IG: @alexdparrish
Jack and Melissa
IG: @jackandmelissacomedy
Christopher Augustin
(performing artist)
IG: @c_augustin_d
Mz. Asa Metric
(drag and
performance artist)
IG: @mzasametric
Ali Levin
(comedian, producer)
IG: @alilevinhere
Clara Francesca
Cynthia Clemons
IG: @culturalfits
Cayenne Douglass
IG: @bruteul_theatre
The Anthropologists
(collaborative theatre company)
IG: @theanthropologists
Twitter: @anthrotheatre
Lani Harms
IG: @laniharms
Twitter: @Lanilee223
Matt O'Koren
IG: @pinkmagemusic

Coco Martin
IG: @mococartin
Conor Abbott Brown
IG: @pinkmagemusic
Hannah Ford
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