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FEAST: Builds community

FEAST: Feeds hungry audiences

FEAST: Offers a taste of new work

FEAST: Advocates for artistic development

FEAST: Welcomes the messy, the new, the strange

FEAST: Celebrates the exchange between arts, artists, and audiences

FEAST: Serves an ever-growing community, and we've saved you a seat at the table

FEAST: A Performance Series gathers artists and audiences once a month for a three-course meal of performance and community. FEAST features three artists each month who practice three different performance-based art forms, creating a space where a triptych of theatre, comedy, dance, puppetry, music, improv, burlesque, and more provoke and inspire each other. FEAST opens doors to artists and audiences to experience work they might not otherwise get to perform or witness.


As a multidisciplinary lab-space, FEAST encourages our Featured Artists to use our stage, audience, and resources to make a mess, take a risk, and push their work and their selves forward. Our series encourages cross-pollinization between artists of all experiences, backgrounds, identities and performance stylings. Through this multidisciplinary approach, we aim to bridge the gap between different performance-based disciplines and their communities. We advocate for our artists by providing tailored support based on what each artist needs and what their goals are for the project; our hope is that every artist brings something to the stage that is unique to them and will deeply benefit them in the sharing of it with other artists and with our audiences.


As a communal act, FEAST puts heavy emphasis on the connection between the artists and the audience. At each monthly show our community breaks bread together, watches art together, and talks with each other as equal members of our artistic family. During the show and afterwards at Nightcap @ The Grafton, artists and audiences connect over the performances and spark dialogue about their own practices and work. We celebrate the potential for people to find new collaborators, friends, fans, and artists to love.

Your Hosts

Conrad Kluck

producer & curator


Alex Randrup

producer & curator


Eli Reid

technical supervisor


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